Jun Takita, born in 1966 in Tokyo, graduated in 1988 from Nihon University, majoring in arts. He received a Masters from Paris Ecole National d’Art in 1992, having received a scholarship from the French government.

He draws heavily from concepts of traditional gardens and their careful and respected arts. Each of his works immerses the audience in the process clocked by the cyclical rhythms of biological and ecological phenomena. Life and death are simultaneously presented and aesthetically represented in the artist’s procedural work around the relationship between man and nature in the era of biotechnology.
He collaborates with numerous scientific teams as the Centre for Plant sciences at the University of Leeds (UK), Plant Biotechnology of Faculty of Biology University of Freiburg (DE), CNRS - Université Paris-Sud, MRI Medical and Multi-Methodes(FR), and the Royal Observatory of Belgium Seismology-Gravimetry (BE).

dimanche 4 mars 2012

Garden of Dishes

Installed at GlassBox, Paris.
Garden of dishes is aimed at those who have given up the idea of living with a garden because of a lack of space and means, and offers to create and embody their imaginary world. 

Through a simple act such as doing the dishes, a step towards a utopia is possible.

Installed at Passage de Rez, Paris.

Exhibition where this work has been exposed:

MADE ON MARS :GlassBox, Paris France 2000